Primal and Sustrans launch new Climate Change product line

Primal Europe and Sustrans have linked to launch a new product range highlighting the global climate emergency. The new products are designed to encourage more people to invest in greener forms of travel and to get more people using bicycles daily.

The unique striped design was created by Professor Ed Hawkins, a Professor or Climate Science at Reading University. Each coloured stripe reflects a year in temperature across the globe from 1850-2019, with the red stripes indicating recent dramatic changes to our climate.

James Smith, Director of Primal Europe said, “The product range in partnership with Sustrans is our little way of reminding us all that even in the midst of the Covid19 crisis there is an even bigger crisis looming for our children and grandchildren with respect to our climate.  We hope that this product range sparks a conversation on the club run, on the commute and of course over a coffee”.

Kelly Horton, Head of Fundraising and Retail at Sustrans said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Primal Europe on the launch of the new Climate Change jersey.” Horton continues, “It is essential, that we do not try solve one crisis, by perpetuating the climate crisis we are also facing”.

As lockdown measures continue to ease in the UK, many of us are returning to work and school, though traffic levels are already north of pre-Covid levels. As space on public transport remains limited due to social distancing guidelines, we are encouraged to use greener and safer means of transport. Encouraging people to cycle to their destinations also helps to avoid a spike in pollution and congestion on the roads due to private car use.

Primal will be donating £5 for every jersey and wind vest sold, and £2.50 for every cap sold to Sustrans.