Simplon teases “ultra-modern” Pride road bike

Simplon has teased a new build dubbed the Pride in a new video talking in depth about the design influences of what the firm is badging an “ultra-modern” road bike.

“With this bike we don’t want to appeal to just real racing cyclists, but also to comfort orientated rides and this is possible via a special ergonomic cockpit,” says Rainer Sebal of Simplon. “The design, the aerodynamics, being able to integrate the cables with each other, this really took us a lot of time. The 3D printer was working day and night. We tried out many different samples until we were happy with the design.”

The designer Jonas Schmeiser brings to the table professional road cycling experience with Continental. His influences have lead to a new integrated bar and stem design, bringing forward aerodynamic advantages, but maintaining flexibility where required.

During the design process the UCI “surprised the firm” with changes to the 3:1 rule, opening up opportunities to better shape the frame’s tubing. Furthering the ability to smooth the lines of the bike, integration of the disc brakes became central to the design.

“We believe disc brakes will be the standard for road bikes in 1 to 2 years,” said Sebal. “we don’t want to use normal disc brakes, but those that are suitable to our road bikes.”

Take a look at the Pride sneak peak below: