ZyroFisher CEO shuts down trade whisper of price fixing investigation

The CEO of ZyroFisher Matt Barker has this morning shut down a trade show rumour circulating among bike dealers in relation to accusations of price fixing.

“We take our obligations very seriously on that, staff are trained to understand the framework of the law and to abide by it,” Barker told CI.N this morning. “I can confirm that there is no truth, no complaint and no communications on the subject currently between ZyroFisher and the Competitions and Markets Authority.”

A search on the CMA website confirms that no investigation is currently active.

Appearing to not be an isolated whisper, the subject appears to have gathered steam during the recent CoreBike Show, for which ZyroFisher was an exhibitor.

“We’re doing all we can to help the dealer at present. Speaking to store owners at Core there’s a real mix of positive stories and those having a tough time at present. Unfortunately, given our size, we do tend on occasion to end up on the receiving end of made up stories,” added Barker. “I have heard of instances where such comments can stem from debates over incentivised margin structures, which is not the same thing. I can absolutely confirm that this is the first we’ve heard of the whisper and that no correspondence with the CMA is underway.”

The CoreBike show served as a platform for ZyroFisher to introduce dealers to a new distribution deal with WD-40 and GT85, as well as debut a handful of new products.