BPSA lends backing to PMBA’s efforts to boost mechanic’s development

At their June 16th Board meeting, held in Boulder, Colorado, the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) endorsed the PBMA with the following statement:
The PBMA is a new organization dedicated to the promotion, development and advocacy for Professional Bicycle Mechanics. A project that they are undertaking is a program focused on bicycle assembly protocol, which will improve the quality of the riding experience for all IBD customers.
The BPSA, with most US-based bicycle companies as members, wholeheartedly endorses the PBMA’s efforts to increase the number of skilled mechanics in our bicycle shops. We look forward
to working with PBMA on future projects as well.
Adam Micklin, BPSA President and Director of International Sales at Felt Bicycles, summed up the BPSA Board’s thoughts: “We all work so hard to produce the best bicycles possible. The key to the end-user’s great experience is that hour or so the professional mechanic spends with the bike. It’s great that our industry’s mechanics are moving toward higher standards, it benefits everyone in the channel.”
James Stanfill, PBMA President, added: “The PBMA would like to thank the BPSA for its confidence in the need for highly trained and skillful mechanics in the retail cycling market. The PBMA’s primary mission is centered on professionalism and technical education and we greatly appreciate the value that the BPSA brings to the cycling market by seeking to provide rapid and reliable sourcing to the entire industry.”
Read more about the PBMA’s goals in our interview with Stanfill here.